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A wicked weekend …….

 What a busy weekend ……… Hampshire, London, Hampshire.  An early supper at our favourite Mexican restaurant – Cafe Pacifico or Pacifico as it seems to be called now.  We have spent many hours drinking tequila at this fab place pre-children and it hasn’t changed a bit over the years.  Now the tequila has given way to the hip happening Mojito ……….

 A drink or two and a delicious meal to give us the courage to take our seats in the Duke of York Theatre.  We were warned when booking to reconsider if any of our party were of a nervous disposition or under 15.  Before the performance even started I had made the audience around us jump – they thought I was part of the cast – I only sneezed!

 Sadly we cannot divulge any secrets of the play only to say it was excellent and very well staged.

 A look at the sights as we drove home ……… shame they were shut ……..

 Sunday was spent entertaining friends from down under and their friends ……… the wettest, wettest walk in the forest was followed by the very best Afternoon Tea at the exquisite http://www.limewoodhotel.co.uk/

I hope you all had a great weekend.

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